Best Smartphones to buy this Diwali | Diwali Gifts

Best Smartphones to buy this Diwali | Diwali Gifts

Each year on Diwali And dhanteras people buy something as there are Great Diwali offers on electronic goods and appliances. below we have list Top best smartphones to buy this diwali, and you may get diwali offer on these Mobiles as company make many attracting strategies to sell there smartphones.

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 List of best smartphones

  • Samsung Galaxy S4

This phone is the best available in the market at the present date. The galaxy S4 is the updated version of galaxy S3. The phone is having a full HD 5 inch screen and it is very light despite of its bigger size. It is very slim and showy. The is very fast due to its 1.9 Ghz qualcomm chipset. It is having an impressive battery life and also was really long video playback up to 11 hours in a go.


Operating System:Android 4.2.2  RAM: 2 GB  CAMERA :13-megapixel  BATTERY LIFE: 17 hours talk-time, 15 days standby  INTERNAL STORAGE: 16 GB WEIGHT:130 grams

Price = 40300

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  • Google Nexus 4

This Google smartphone is super fast and has awesome quad core processor. This phone is  very good value for money. Its display is very nice and pixel density is very good as get a sim free with this phone. Its screen os around 4.7 inches.


CAMERA: 8 mega pixel , RAM: 2 GB, OPERATING SYSTEM:Android 4.2, INTERNAL STORAGE 8 GB, BATTERY LIFE 15 hours talktime, 16 days standby, weight :139 grams

Price : 21900

  • Apple iphone 5

The Apple iphone the name is enough to attract many of the buyers. This is the fifth phone in the iphone series and its incredible , it stands out when it comes to gaming or design . its having a dual core 1.5 GHz processor, it is having an awesome 4 inch display.Its data tag is 4 G.


OPERATING SYSTEM iOS 6, CAMERA 8-megapixel, INTERNAL STORAGE 8GB ,RAM 1 GB weight: 112 g BATTERY:3.8 v, 5.45 Wh(1,440 mAh

Cost: 42037

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  • Nokia Lumia 925 

Nokia lumia 925 is the best windows smartphone available in the market at the present time.its lighter and better than lumia 920. The lumia series is popular for their good  looks and this particular phone is slimmer as well. It is Windows 8 phone and a treat for window lovers. Its is having a metallic frame which gives it sleek and sexy look.its having 1.5 GHz Dual core processor.its is also having a big 4.7 inch display.


OPERATING SYSTEM Windows Phone 8, RAM 1 GB, INTERNAL STORAGE 32 GB, BATTERY LIFE 18 hours talktime,18 days standby, CAMERA 8.7-megapixel. Weight: 139 grams.

Cost: 33500

  • Sony Xperia Z 

The sony xperia z smartphone is one of the best smart phones of the year, it is water proof and can be immersed in 1 metre of water for around 30 minutes, it is having sony’s special omni design balance. It is having a fully dust proof body. Another cheaper version of Xperia z is Xperia Z! but Z1 is not water proof and it is having a smaller is having a 1.5 GHz quad core processor

OPERATING SYSTEM: Android Jelly Bean 4.2.2, RAM 2 GB, CAMERA: 13.1 MEGA PIXELS, INTERNAL STORAGE :16 GB, BATTERY LIFE: 11 hours talktime and 14 hours standby, WEIGHT:146g

Cost 32000

If you are planing to gifts smartphones or mobile to someone this Diwali then you must give a thought to these listed phones. these smartphones can be best Diwali gifts.

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